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A note from the team

Hi. I have undertaken to raise £ 45,000 and I have approached every one of my contacts who have even a remote connection with Ner. You might be an ex member, or may have attended Ner either as a member or not. You may just be a friend of mine who has "tapped" me for a donation in the past.

Even if you don't feel connected, PLEASE give a small donation, otherwise let us have something more substantial.

Joni Grodzinski

Ner has run out of space!

To house the growing number of minyanim, we need more space to daven! A new room would need to be on the second floor of the main building and have disabled access.

Also, the main shul's roof has reached the end of its life...

The roof's letting water and this has damaged some of our sifrei torah. The sifrei torah were saved but the roof cannot be economically repaired.

Building a new second floor over the main shul will give us the once in a generation opportunity to solve both issues in one go!

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