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A note from the team

We need YOU!
We need to renew the roof, as well as enlarge the overall space available to facilitate the burgeoning greater community who benefit from all the many outputs that Ner offers.
Thank you so much for coming to visit family Simon donation page. Ner Yisrael is a hub for every facet of Jewish life in the Northwest community. Now more than ever in recent times Jewish life will survive on propelling our activities to new and even greater levels. This is what Ner does so well. We can all help - we can make it happen.
You see how thriving our shul is.
You see that we try and cater for a wide range of needs.
You see our 5 teen to student to adult minyanim run on a Shabbat morning.
You see our children's services and events for all ages.
You see what a constant stream of educational events we run.
You see our beautiful sense of communal cohesion.
You see how in our shul we support each other, as we journey through life, dealing with our personal struggles, and communal challenges from Covid to Israel
You see the constant and varied range of shiurim.
You see that we are a shul who serves and cares for the wider community.
Please help by donating as best as you are able.

Ner has run out of space!

To house the growing number of minyanim, we need more space to daven! A new room would need to be on the second floor of the main building and have disabled access.

Also, the main shul's roof has reached the end of its life...

The roof's letting water and this has damaged some of our sifrei torah. The sifrei torah were saved but the roof cannot be economically repaired.

Building a new second floor over the main shul will give us the once in a generation opportunity to solve both issues in one go!

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